A Bit About Me

I’m just an average guy who lives with his wife in an Oliver condo, bikes daily to a job downtown, and cares deeply about the city that I live in and the direction that development is taking.

I am an advocate of fewer cars and more public transit and active transportation in the city. I believe that cities should be densely populated with most amenities within walking distance. Mostly, I am a believer that a city’s goals should be about providing a superior quality of life for the people that live there, and all municipal decisions should be made in that light.

Why the Pseudonym

Ed isn’t my real name. The truth is that I work as support staff at a company that is tied to some of the projects that I want to blog about.  Sometimes my opinions are critical of these projects, others are supportive.  In either case, I don’t want to face censure at work or have my views passed off as apologist shill.

Full disclosure: I will not always identify ties to a project, as

  1. I want to remain anonymous, and don’t want the more well-informed of my readers to be able to identify which firm I work for.
  2. Sometimes my firm’s connection to a project is confidential, and publicizing that connection would be grounds for termination.  I like my job.

If this offends your sense of fair and unbiased journalism, I apologise, but this anonymity is needed so that I can provide my uncensored opinions. I assure you that I have no direct financial stake in these projects (only indirect in the sense that they may impact my job security and the size of raises), nor am I employed in a PR capacity. The views I will present are my own as a citizen and taxpayer of Edmonton.

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